From current grantees receiving unrestricted additional funds:

“Thank you so much for this wonderful news – this is absolutely brilliant, and such a huge boost! I have been incredibly touched by the proactive, flexible and speedy response of Leathersellers’ to this whole situation; you are making a big difference in these really challenging times and please do pass on our thanks to all the Trustees.”

“Thank you so very much for this – I cannot tell you just how appreciated it is and how much difference it will make. This type, and amount, of funding will make a significant difference, both to our charity itself and most importantly to the lives of others. Please do pass on our thanks to your trustees.”

“This will make a really significant difference to our organisation and our ability to serve our clients during these difficult and uncertain times.”

“We are seeing more people than I have witnessed. Without volunteers and only 5 staff we are managing to deliver more meals than I thought it possible to even cook. Huge changes needed to be able to accommodate the numbers in a safe manner, but people are just desperate for food. More worried about where the next meal is coming from rather than the risks of the virus. I am delighted that the Leathersellers’ have made this available to us, as we are using a month’s worth of food every week currently.  And that it was you that approached us, demonstrating the true concern that exists within the Liveries.”

“This unrestricted grant is so generous and will really help us in these unprecedented challenging times. I have to admit that I shed a tear when I saw your email as this means so much to us.”

“So many thanks for this. Hugely appreciate the gesture of support.”

From recipients of emergency small grants:

“We are overwhelmed by your generous contribution to our current situation and the fast turnaround of the application.  Please thank all those involved in the decision making process. ”

“Thank you so much for your support for our work – I really appreciate it, and so will those families who would otherwise go hungry in the weeks ahead!”

“Thanks very much for this grant and your kind words. It will make a real difference to supporting individuals and families who are unable to leave the house, and can’t afford food either, with delivery of an emergency food parcel.”

From those not currently eligible for funds:

“We completely understand the decision to reprioritise your Company’s focus areas during this difficult time. We are happy to take a place further back in the queue for those who need it more at this time.”

“I think the Company has taken the right step in repurposing its grant monies for those who are in most need and those who are desperate in the midst of what is going on around us. The inclusion of those people experiencing domestic violence is particularly welcome as home is not always the safe space that it should be.”

“Thanks for your email and whilst this is disappointing I do completely understand in the context the need to prioritise the funding your email identifies.”