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Exciting Year Ahead for The Young Livery

By September 6, 2018Members Area

At the beginning of the 2017/2018 livery year – post Governance review– the Young Livery Committee set about to become more than just an events committee. Our purpose is to help the Young Livery find the right opportunities to leverage their professional and personal strengths, to contribute to the life of this company. And in return, help them derive personal satisfaction, learning and enjoyment from their experiences here. This is an ongoing effort, but it is clear that the Young Livery is becoming increasingly wired into the everyday working of the Company.

Only a small minority of companies can boast the age profile of the Leathersellers. We currently have 56 livery and freemen under the age of 40 and are thrilled to be welcoming two more Freeman to our ranks in the coming months, Ben Harris and James Philips. Both will be supported by a Young Livery Mentor who will be on hand to guide them through their early Livery Journey. The Mentoring Scheme is a hugely important initiative and one that we as the Young Livery Committee will continue to drive and support.

New members of the Young Livery will also be joining the Small Grants Committee this year, supporting their Livery colleagues (including eight members of the Young Livery) in deciding where those smaller, but pivotal grants will go.

We also want to make sure that the life of a Young Liverymen is fun! 2018/2019 is already shaping up to be another good year, with lots of brilliant events already in the diary.

First up we are hosting a Wine Tasting Event on the 1 November at the Hall. We will be tasting some of the Company’s finest wines, along with a couple of wild cards to keep things interesting! An invitation will be coming your way early next week.

On 6 December we will be hosting our annual Christmas drinks, with more detail on this to follow.

The Young Livery Committee is particularly excited to be hosting the Inter Young Livery Quiz for a second time on the 7 February 2019. We are especially keen to see as many Young Liverymen there as possible. It is a brilliant opportunity to meet with other young liverymen from across the City and build connections not only within our own company, but across the Livery movement.

And lastly, the main event, the Annual Young Livery Dinner will take place on 27 March 2019. We have some exciting plans afoot including cocktails, live music and much more besides.

Supporting the company, working as colleagues and socialising together to build fellowship, are at the heart of what we do. As a Committee we have said many times, we don’t just want to survive as a livery company, we want to thrive. We want to reflect the vibrancy, innovation and progression of the City that surrounds us. Only with the continued commitment of the Young Livery and the support of our middle and senior livery colleagues can we make that a reality.

Katie Saxon, Chair of the Young Livery Committee

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