Student Grants Scheme

The Leathersellers’ Student Grants Scheme aims to support students, from any part of the UK, in real financial need and whose circumstances may be preventing their excellence and talent from shining through. The maximum grant that may be awarded is £5,000 per year for up to FOUR years which will be reassessed annually.

Applications for 2020-21 have now closed (as of midnight on Sunday 17th May 2020). Thank you to everyone who applied – we will have now been in touch with the result.

To be contacted when applications open for the academic year 2021-22, please add your name to our mailing list.

The information below relates to 2020-21 applicants.

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To be eligible to apply for a Student Grant you must be a student already enrolled on a full-time degree course at a UK University, or with an offer to do so later this year. We may sometimes prioritise exceptional students from the Greater London area, but do accept applications and often fund students from any area of the UK.

If you are a non–UK citizen you may be eligible if you are currently living in the UK and

  • have a minimum of 5 years leave or right to remain; or
  • have studied in the UK at secondary educational level; or
  • have UK family ties

And are able to prove your commitment to the United Kingdom upon completion of your studies.

Students from Leathersellers Federation of Schools or Colfe’s School are encouraged to apply, as are those connected with the Leather Trade, including those students working with Leather within the world of fashion, product design and engineering.

Graduates and Undergraduates who express an intention to take Holy Orders are also encouraged to apply.

We award grants towards fees or general costs for students who are studying, or are about to study

  • full time for a degree at a UK university.
  • full/part time courses which are not degrees, resulting in nationally recognised qualifications that the applicant can demonstrate will significantly benefit their future career prospects as well as UK society.

We do not fund fees or expenses for students for one-year professional conversion courses.

Students from Leathersellers Federation of Schools and scholars from Colfes are encouraged to apply, as are those connected with the Leather Trade, including those students working with Leather within the world of fashion, product design and engineering.

Graduates and Undergraduates with an intention to take Holy Orders are also encouraged to apply

We do not offer grants solely on academic qualities, but consider those students who can clearly display financial need, commitment to the United Kingdom and limited support networks. We aim to fund those who want to make a real contribution to UK society and whose energy, commitment and dedication will ensure they will study hard for their chosen career.

When completing the application form, you should ensure that your statements display:

  • A strong case both academically and in terms of personal circumstances as to why you feel you should be considered for an award.
  • Why you have chosen your particular course, how it will advance your future career path, and in doing so, how it may benefit UK Society. You will also be given the opportunity to express your passion and commitment to your studies and your interests, both social and charitable.
  • Your application should clearly state your own efforts to raise the money you need to cover your course costs and living expenses. This should include applications you have made to other funding bodies, loans you are entitled to, parental and family assistance, savings and earnings from part time work. Our funding is limited, so you must clearly itemise all other funding applications you have made, and it is your responsibility to keep us updated with progress and any awards received.
  • If you are not a UK Citizen, you should ensure you clearly demonstrate your residential status here and outline your plans for the future.
  • You should arrange for a reference to be submitted. The referee should be familiar with your chosen career path and able to tell us about your academic and non – academic qualities. They should be prepared to speak to us if we require any further information.

We only accept applications made via our on-line form which is quick and easy to use.

  • You don’t need to complete the application all at once – so long as you register with us you can save your progress and sign back in anytime.
  • You will receive an automated email to confirm safe receipt once you submit your application (please check your junk/spam folder for this).
  • We notify all applicants via email on the outcome of their application.
  • Before completing your application, please ensure you comply with the criteria highlighted in the first tab (entitled Criteria).

All applications must be received before midnight on Sunday 17th May 2020 via the online application form.
You will receive an automatic acknowledgement via email when your application has been received (please check your spam/junk folder for this).

The applications will then be reviewed by the Leathersellers Grants team and members of a working group of Liverymen (members of the Livery Company) and a shortlist drawn together for interview.

Interviews will take place on the 1st, 2nd, 9th and 10th of July 2020 at Leathersellers’ Hall, in London. You will be notified by email to either be invited for interview or to inform you that you have not been shortlisted. Unless your e-mail address changes, there is no need for you to be in touch after submitting the application until you hear from us. On occasion you may not be invited to an interview but still be awarded a grant.

As the interviews will take place before exam results are confirmed, there may be a need for further interviews in September. We will contact you if this is the case.

If you are offered a grant, you will be sent an acceptance form to complete and be required to provide confirmation from the university or other establishment to confirm you have registered. The funds will be paid to you on receipt of that, ideally early in the academic year 2020-2021.

Should you be given a multi-year grant, you will be required each year to submit an annual review showing your continuing need and progress to date, before any further funds are released. More information will be provided should you be successful.

  • Can I request feedback if my application is unsuccessful?

Unfortunately, as we only have a small Grants team at the Leathersellers it is not possible currently for us to provide feedback to all applicants.

  • If I am successful, when will I receive the first year of my grant?

If you are awarded a grant, we will send you a grant offer email detailing the terms and conditions of the grant and asking you to complete an acceptance form. Once you have completed the form, we will process the payment. The date the payment is sent signals the start of the first year of your grant.

  • What is expected of me after year one?

We request recipients of Student Grants to submit an annual review each year as an update on your progress and confirming your continuing need of the funds before any further funds are released. We will let you know about these requirements when you are made an offer.

What students think about us

‘To say the Leathersellers bursary is life-changing is not cliché. For me, it acted as the springboard toward achieving all my dreams at medical school. Doing a second degree, and being from a working class background, the bursary provided me with the financial support that I needed to thrive, not just survive. Without it I would have been working crazy hours around my studies – with little time for anything else. If you’re thinking of applying – go for it. You miss all the shots you don’t take!’  Ben Smith, MBChB : Bachelor of Medicine, Warwick University