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Latest Grants Awarded December 2018

By December 5, 2018All - Homepage

The Charity Grants Committee are pleased to announce that the following charities have recently been awarded grants through the Main Grants Programme:

Barnet Refugee Service 

The main aim of Barnet Refugee Service is to support and empower refugees and asylum seekers to rebuild their lives and integrate into society. Their objective is to improve the quality of life and promote the physical, social and mental well-being of asylum seekers and refugees who live, work or study in London.

£40,000 over the next 4 years

Doorstep Library Network

Doorstep Library Network projects are different to other literacy programs because they are home-based, and so are able to attract those families that do not have the confidence/ inclination to take their children out of the home to access services; these tend to be the families that are most in need, who are often extremely socially isolated.

£40,000 over the next 4 years

Face Front Inclusive Theatre

Face Front Inclusive Theatre aim to maintain, improve and advance education, providing opportunities for people with disabilities and those who are socially disadvantaged by the encouragement of the arts, including the arts of theatre, drama, poetry, singing, dance, movement and music.

£40,000 over the next 4 years

Live Music Now

Live Music Now provides interactive music programmes in special schools, care homes and hospitals, and a range of community and healthcare settings. The work is delivered by high-quality young professional musicians who are trained and supported to deliver LMN’s work based on the latest medical, educational and healthcare research.

£40,000 over the next 4 years

Reform Restore Respect 

Reform Restore Respect aim to dissuade and deter young people in Kent primary & secondary schools and youth and community groups from engaging in gangs and antisocial behaviour and from viewing crime as a viable ‘career’ choice.

£40,000 over the next 4 years

Refugee and Migrant Centre

Refugee and Migrant Centre supports asylum seekers, refugees and vulnerable migrants to lead a settled and integrated life in the UK. The charity’s approach is a mixture of advice and practical support to encourage beneficiaries to better access their rights and entitlements. Specifically, RMC assist asylum seekers, refugees and vulnerable migrants through crisis and disadvantage, by removing barriers to their integration and enabling them to become equal citizens.

£20,000 over the next 4 year

St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconiliation and Peace

St Ethelburga’s is a maker of peace-makers. They inspire and equip people from all backgrounds to become peace-builders in their own communities and lives. They aim to be a hub of expertise and innovative practice, influencing policymakers, academia and faith communities to activate a global culture of peace.

£20,000 over the next 4 years

Team Oasis Children’s Charity

Team Oasis is based at the heart of the Toxteth Community of Liverpool with the aim of offering inclusive opportunities for children and young people of all abilities and circumstances to engage together in a variety of activities and projects.

£60,000 over the next 4 years

Thomley Hall Centre

Thomley Hall was founded by parents of children with autism and complex needs. Many of these families felt excluded from mainstream play facilities and wanted to create a safe, fun and inclusive place to spend time together where everyone would be welcome.

£40,000 over the next 4 years

TLC: Talk, Listen, Change

TLC is an independent Greater Manchester relationships charity. They deliver a range of integrated support programmes which help improve emotional wellbeing and ensure safe, healthy and happy relationships. Their integrated support is unique and provides an innovative and creative offer to both the people they work with and the communities in which they live. Services are delivered to individuals, couples, families and communities. TLC currently delivers the Bridging to Change (BtC) Domestic Abuse Prevention Programme in Trafford, which aims to safeguard victims and children affected by domestic abuse, by addressing the root cause of the abuse, which is the perpetrators behaviour.

£60,000 over the next 4 years


WellChild is a national charity for seriously ill children and their families. More than 100,000 children and young people are living across the UK with serious or exceptional health needs. Many spend months, even years in hospital simply because there is no support enabling them to leave.

£40,000 over the next 4 years

Whitechapel Mission

The Whitechapel Mission has been serving the homeless and marginalised for 141 years. Provision includes a day centre, skills training and career advice, activity programmes and specialist support for complex needs. The Mission is open every day of the year and expect to see as many as 300 homeless and vulnerable men and women each day.

£40,000 over the next 4 years

Ykids Limited

Ykids is a children’s charity based in Bootle working in some of the UK’s most deprived communities. Ykids have been given a three year lease on an empty shop by Sefton Council in the Bootle Strand local shopping centre on a no rent, no rates basis. The charity propose to turn the shop into a magical and creative children’s bookshop which is more of an experience and playground than a traditional bookshop.

£60,000 over the next 4 years

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