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Student Grant Scheme

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There have been significant changes to the Student Grant Scheme this year.  As Mike Bradly Russell now leads us from the helm as Master for the year, he relinquishes his position as Chairman of the Student Grants Interview Panel to Richard Chard. Richard already has experience as a member of the Charities Grants Committee but this will be his first step in to the Student Grant Scheme. More new blood in the form of Panel Members include Sean Williams and Katherine Hogarth. They will be joined by stalwarts William Cock and Caspar Williams.

The Scheme goes from strength to strength, having been granted its own annual budget of £250,000 which for this academic year has attracted over 400 student applications. Our maximum award has also increased to £5,000 per annum, for a maximum of 4 years.

The criteria for qualification has also been revised meaning we are open to more students then ever from differing backgrounds. Students of any nationality who can show a commitment to the UK, such as permanent residence, previous secondary educational record, family ties etc, are now eligible to apply. And for the first time we may give consideration to full / part-time courses that are not degrees, resulting in nationally recognised qualifications, but only where the applicant can successfully demonstrate that the attainment of the qualification would significantly benefit their future employability/career prospects.

And finally, where the applicant is in their final year of study, an award of up to £1,000 may be made for one year only where the Chairman and Interview Panel have reviewed the application and deemed this appropriate.

Joseph Yates and Hollie Campbell previous recipients of the student grant, have recently qualified this Summer from the University of Exeter with degrees in Medicine.

“Massive thank you to the @LeatherCharity for their financial support which enabled a dream to become reality. Delighted to have graduated with a medical degree and look forward to starting my new job as a junior doctor in August”. Joseph Yates, Twitter.






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