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About the Leathersellers

Our purpose

600 years ago, a group of leather craftsmen and merchants with similar interests came together to create an association of craft and community, working to uphold standards and look after each other when times were tough. And they stuck at it. For centuries.

Guided by enduring principals, this legacy has created a platform for opportunity, for others to succeed: for young people at the schools we support in south-east London; for students from under-represented backgrounds; leatherworkers; our grantees and the people that depend on them; our members and staff; and partners with shared interests and ambitions in the City of London and across the UK.

A blue and gold tapestry depicting Henry VI granting rights to liverymen of the Leathersellers

Governance: The Leathersellers’ Company

The Company received its Charter of Incorporation in 1444 from Henry VI. Today the Company is responsible for stewarding assets and supporting the work of the Leathersellers’ Foundation – ensuring each generation of members passes on a better organisation.

The Company elects a new Master (Chair) and Wardens (senior board members) every summer. The Court of Assistants (The Board) consists of 24 members. The Company is limited to 150 Liverymen (senior members) and a growing number of Freemen (entry-level members). The executive team, responsible for delivering the Leathersellers’ Strategy, is led by the Chief Executive & Clerk.

Principal Officers
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Governance: The Leathersellers’ Foundation

Established in 1979, the Foundation is a grant funder with its own independent income, generated from its investment portfolio. From this we award grants to a range of charities, educational partners and directly to individuals. The Foundation’s three core areas of giving are charity, education and leather.

Foundation governance
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“Whilst we continue to cover a significant amount of ground, there is always more to do to embed and realise our ambitions, fulfilling our purpose as an organisation that provides a platform for opportunity.”

Mark Williams, Master


portrait of a man

Mark Williams

portrait of a man

Matthew Lawrence

Chief Executive and Clerk to the Company
Portrait of a woman

Julie Butler

Senior Executive Assistant to the Clerk
Portrait of a man wearing a blue shirt and tie

Nick Boston

Chief Finance Officer
Portrait of a woman wearing a black and white dress

Natalia Rymaszewska

Head of Grants
Portrait of a woman

Stacey Lamb

Head of Charity Grants
Portrait of a man wearing a blue shirt, navy jacket and tie

Nick Dart

Head of Property
Portrait of a man wearing a white shirt and navy jacket

Curtis McGlinchey

Head of Communications

The Court of Assistants

Mark Williams Nicholas Tusting James Russell Nicholas Preston Clare Lennon Charles Barrow Miles Emley Matthew Pellereau Martin Pebody Antony Barrow Mike Bradly Russell Christopher Barrow Jonathan Muirhead Gavin Bacon Martin Dove David Barrow James Lang Richard Chard Tim Fooks Hamish Williams Sean Williams Caspar Williams Will Cock Alistair Tusting Mark Berman Jasper Holmes Jeremy Curtis

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