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Alumni Network

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The Leathersellers’ have supported students since 1603 and are building a supportive alumni network of those who have benefited from the Company or Foundation’s assistance during their sixth form, at university or in other types of training.

Enabling and encouraging meaningful connections

Leathersellers’ alumni are individuals who were, at some stage in their studies / career development, supported through the Leathersellers’. We are actively reconnecting and maintaining these relationships to help measure the future impact of our programmes and to expand our network to foster connections and opportunity.

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Alumni event

Our annual alumni event is an opportunity for Leathersellers’ alumni to network with fellow alumni and members of the Leathersellers’ Company. Alongside networking additional benefits include offering mentoring to existing grantees, as well as enabling us to celebrate the achievements of those we have been able to support in the past.

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“I was barely keeping my head above water prior to receiving the Leathersellers’ award – but thanks to the Foundation I was able to thrive and achieve my dream. For this I will always be grateful.”

Dr Louis-Philippe Delaugère, graduate of Queen’s University Belfast

A flourishing community

We are continually looking to grow our alumni network and are reaching out to individuals supported directly and through our partner institutions in the last few decades. If you are a Leathersellers’ Alumni, you can sign up to the Alumni Mailing List here, join the LinkedIn Group here, or get in touch with the Head of Grants below.

Get in touch
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Historic Viewpoint

Of historic interest will be the list of recipients of University Exhibitions (or Grants) of the Leathersellers’ Company Charitable Fund from 1603 – 1950 which can be viewed as a Word document here or on Excel here.



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