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Leathersellers’ Hall and many of its predecessors have been located at St Helen’s Place, Bishopsgate, since the 16th century.

History of the Halls

There have been seven Leathersellers’ Halls in the Company’s history. Stretching from the first Hall, located on the south side of London Wall, to the second and subsequent Halls on the site of the former Priory of St Helen in Bishopsgate, they have been the home of the Leathersellers for five and a half centuries, remaining the site of business, stewardship, and hospitality throughout despite the effects of fire, flood and redevelopment.

drawing of a large stone building

"Continuity and renewal have been the two most important themes underlying the designs for the seventh Leathersellers’ Hall."

Eric Parry, Architect of the seventh Leathersellers’ Hall

The Seventh Hall

Designed by Eric Parry Architects, the seventh Hall opened in 2017. It is situated in St Helen’s Place, behind the medieval church of St Helen’s, in the City of London.

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reception room with a large spiked blue glass sculpture

How we use Leathersellers’ Hall

Today the Hall is primarily used for the administration and governance of the Company and Foundation, as well as meetings, events and convening partners. We also use the Hall for the benefit of the Foundation’s grantees as part of our programme of added value.

Added Value
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Archives & Library

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The Story of our Almshouses

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nineteenth century stone building in Barnet