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Support, advice, and resources for our current grant holders


Reporting mechanisms vary by grant programme, adapting to be as proportionate and useful as possible. As such, if you have received a grant, please read your grant offer carefully to understand what will be required of you for reporting. Can’t locate your offer or have a question? Contact us on

Example of some of the programme expectations:

ACE Charity Grants (multi-year)

Recipients are required to submit an online financial information form and participate in a one-hour conversational report each year, before the next tranche of grant funding is paid. A member of the Grants Team will be in touch to schedule the report and provide a link to the online financial information form 8 weeks before the next grant payment is due.

Any delay in reporting may delay the subsequent payment. At the end of the multi-year grant period, grantees are required to submit a written report, using the link below. This programme follows a fallow period policy, reflective of the grant duration e.g. if a four-year grant was provided, the organisation must wait four years from the date of the final payment before submitting a new charity main grant application.

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Scholarships Programme (Undergraduates)

We ask recipients of our direct student grants to submit an annual review form in April each year, to understand how your studies are progressing and whether the level of funding is still appropriate or whether your circumstances have changed. A member of the Grants Team will be in touch in late March to invite provide you with a link to the form, and a date by which we need it submitted.

We must have this to approve the next year of funding so please make sure you return it on time, and get in touch with us if you have any questions or can foresee a problem with the timeline. When you have completed or are reaching the end of your last year of funding, you will be asked to complete an End of Grant Report form. We’ll be in touch with the link and deadline for submission.

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Added Value

We are committed to adding value to our  grantees that goes beyond funding. We want to support our partners to use our network to their benefit, and as such, grant-holders will receive invitations to relevant events with our grantee network throughout the funded period as well as being signposted to relevant resources where possible.

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360 Giving

The Leathersellers’ Foundation is committed to transparency and we work with 360Giving to publish information about our grants.

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