Leather UK
The Leathersellers’ Company works closely with Leather UK as the trade association for the UK leather industry. Leather UK is a membership-based organisation with the remit to represent, promote and protect the UK leather industry. Members are provided with support, advice and access to specialised information. Opportunities for communication, networking and collaboration are created. Leather UK protect and promote the identity of leather and strive to promote the future of the leather industry in the UK.

The ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is great, leaving many employees of small businesses across the country concerned about the future of their livelihoods. In such insecure times, some workers in the UK leather industry have found themselves in very difficult financial circumstances, as either a direct impact of COVID-19 or its impact on their families. Leather UK, as the trade association for the UK leather industry, supported by the Leathersellers’ Charitable Fund, established a hardship fund for UK-based leather workers in January 2021. This fund was available to help those in urgent need, by offering one-off financial assistance payments of up to £1,000 towards essential living expenses.

Cockpit Arts
Cockpit Arts is an award-winning social enterprise and the UK’s only business incubator for craftspeople, housing up to 170 small businesses at two centres in central and south London. Since 1986, they have helped thousands of talented makers grow their businesses. The Leathersellers’ Company helped to establish a Leather Manufacturing Hub at the Deptford centre that is furnished with specialist leather-making equipment, and support a number of leather craftspeople at Cockpit with awards each year.