Education – Associated Schools

The Leathersellers’ Company are involved in supporting the running of secondary and primary schools in south London. These are:

A number of the Liverymen of the Leathersellers are appointed to each school’s governing board, and we also provide funds to improve the welfare, social mobility and educational attainment of pupils regardless of their socio-economic background.

Match funding
Annually we offer the schools the opportunity to encourage fundraising by their pupils, by having it match funded by the Leathersellers’. In 2019-20 including some innovative online challenges during lockdown, the pupils raised, and we matched, almost £11,000 for a range of charities (many local), meaning a total of £22,000 was raised and donated to good causes.

You can read more about how we support pupils in the tabs below:

Colfe’s is one of London’s oldest schools and has been closely linked with The Leathersellers’ Company since the 17th century when the Founder of the school, Abraham Colfe, entrusted the school to the Company when he died. A copy of his Will – which runs to three large volumes – is retained in the Company archives, most of the text concerns the school and the way in which Colfe wanted it to be managed in perpetuity.

The Leathersellers’ Company Charitable Fund fund a number of scholarships each year for able pupils from state schools to study at Colfe’s for their A-levels.

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Visit the Colfe’s School website

The aim of The Leathersellers’ Federation is to provide an excellent education for children from the local community in a safe, supportive learning environment, where people are valued and make positive contributions to each of the schools, and where pupils are taught to become responsible, independent members of society.

Please click on the links below to see the end of term newsletters from the schools, they are a useful way of getting a sense of activities within each of the schools.

PVS Newsletter Spring 2 2020 (Prendergast Vale School) PS Newsletter Spring Term 2020  (Prendergast School) Newsletter – Easter 2020 (Prendergast Ladywell School)

Board of Governors’ statement – June 2020

Visit The Leathersellers’ Federation of Schools website

A number of grants were made to the Federation of schools to support pupils in 2019-20:

Additional activities
The Federation’s leadership team identifies each year a number of partners (often charities) who they believe will add value to their pupils, and we provide the funds to enable those activities. Efforts in the last year focused on raising career awareness and aspirations, improving mental health and wellbeing, broadening opportunities to experience sport and focused mentoring.

Leathersellers’ Awards
Prendergast School, with an interview panel involving Liverymen from the Leathersellers’ Company, selects a number of students each year to receive a financial award on completion of their schooling. They are shortlisted due to exceptional academic achievement and/or progress in sixth form, overcoming significant adversity (personal health or external challenges) and exceptional contribution to the life of the school.

Covid 19 Response
When lockdown was announced, the Federation Schools quickly adapted their teaching to offer those pupils not attending school physically the chance to learn online. Realising that those with little or no access to technology would be excluded from this, the leadership team asked for additional funds to alleviate this. We provided laptops and Wi-Fi access for three months for at least the 110 pupils most in need and unable to access other support. With essential needs a top priority, the leadership team at the Federation also requested funds to provide weekly Free School Meal Hampers for ten weeks, to be delivered to 75 of the most vulnerable families.