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Prendergast School A-Level Results “amongst the top-performing schools in the region and beyond”

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Prendergast Sixth Form proudly announces another strong set of A-Level results for this year. These results are a clear testament to the dedication, resilience, and effort of the student body…

Supporting the Leathersellers’ Federation of Schools in Covid-19

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When lockdown was announced in March 2020 we realised the wide reaching effect this would have, and in particular were concerned for our affiliated schools in Lewisham, the Leathersellers’ Federation…

Independent Schools can Transform the Lives of Disadvantaged People…so says Richard Russell Headmaster Colfe’s School in Times Article

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The Sutton Trust report published last week tells us something that we already know: independent school pupils are disproportionally represented in the top professions and at many of our best…

A Route to Oxbridge

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A recent article in The Observer 3 June 2018 highlighting how the Leathersellers’ Scholarship Scheme is receiving national recognition. A Route to Oxbrige

Aspace Young Designers Initiative – Chloe Flint

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Aspace Young Designers offers a platform for up and coming creative whizzes to showcase their talents. Chairman, Caspar Williams, had the brainwave during a student mentorship event where he met…