For Current Grant Holders


Recipients of grants from the Main Grants Programme must submit a grant report at the end of each funded year. We want to know what the impact of our funding has been, did the year turn out as expected and what are your plans and aims for the year ahead. We have two grant reporting forms. If you have been offered a Multi-Year Grant and are due your next instalment please complete the Main Grant Report Form. Once this has been submitted and reviewed we will let you know when we are paying the next instalment of your grant.

If you have come to the end of a Single Year or Multi-Year Grant please complete the Main End of Grant Report Form covering the entire term of the funding you received from us.

Once we have received your End of Grant Report we will let you know when you will next be eligible to apply for funding from us again.

Main Grant Report FormMain End of Grant Report Form

Livery Liaison

We endeavor to match each charity in receipt of a Main Grant with one of the members of the Livery Company. We call this person your Livery Liaison and they will be your friendly contact for the term of your grant. You should invite them to observe the day to day work of your charity or a special event you may have coming up. They are not there to assess you, but to provide a further level of contact and support. If you attend one of our events they will be the friendly face to welcome you. If you do not have a Livery Liaison, or have not seen yours for a while, please do get in touch with us.

Charity Reception

Every year we hold an evening reception at Leathersellers’ Hall for all our charities in receipt of a Main Grant. They are great networking and fundraising opportunities so make sure you don’t miss out!! This is an invitation only event.

Foundation for Social Improvement

We encourage all our applicants to access the free services of our partner charity, The FSI, to enable your charity to grow and develop in every way possible. The FSI can provide any members of your organisation team or board of trustees with free education, advice, resources and opportunities on any aspect of strategy, management and fundraising. To access their free services please call the FSI Team Assistant on 020 7009 3543 and visit

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Reach Volunteering

Reach can help your charity thrive by providing access to the thousands of skilled volunteers registered with us. They have over 35 years of experience placing skilled volunteers into more than 10,000 non-profit organisations throughout the UK. The Reach community is based on the simple belief that non-profits can achieve so much more by drawing on the expertise of skilled volunteers and that high-impact volunteering is very rewarding for the volunteer. They encourage people throughout the UK and from every profession to donate their skills to charities.

We encourage all our applicants to register with Reach, so you can find skilled volunteers to carry out key roles or projects in your organisation, find trustees through their trustee service, and access advice and information about the best way to recruit volunteers through their Knowledge centre and advice panel. For more information visit

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